Dynesty Entertainment was founded 8 years ago by a buffalo ny native by the name of “Andre Yarbrough aka Damu but known to the hip-hop world as “Mu Diamonds” after being shot 2x in a drive by shooting 10 years ago that left him paralyzed from the waist down he knew he had to change his life.so after a long hard 6 month hospital recovery then soon after getting into trouble forced to go back to prison after a parole violation “Mu diamonds” took to the pen pad and books and decided to really pursue his music career and change his life for the good and becomes the 1st paraplegic superstar. June 17th 2014 “Mu diamonds made his 1st appearance to the music world by releasing his debut mixtape “Still Dunkin” which went on to do decent numbers.


“Dynesty Entertainment is a family oriented home we are looking for all types of talent old new fresh and alive.. and if you have what it takes to be a superstar then we want u.

“When the Rooster crow you already know “

Dynesty Ent we up.